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Anton knows firsthand, the overwhelm and frustration that is often experienced in retirement planning. Recognizing that the number one fear amongst retirees is running out of money during retirement, he provides solid, common sense, and easy to understand retirement plans.


Anton has always had a strong core belief in the creation, and the preservation of permanent wealth, to ensure a comfortable lifestyle and financial freedom in retirement...MORE

The past decade has produced some of the more turbulent financial markets in history. Fortunately for my family, Anton Hendler was there to offer advice, and to implement a sound investment strategy.


- J.R.H.

Hoover, AL

Anton Hendler has been my financial advisor for many years and I can highly recommend him. He has handled my money well and, above all, he is honest and reliable.


- Joannis J.

Ft Lauderdale FL


For the past 28 years, we have been successfully helping our clients retire in style, and financially free. Our purpose is to enrich and empower our clients to make sound, suitable financial decisions.


Our process encompasses a holistic approach during the retirement planning process to put your needs ahead of our own. We are totally unbiased and offer our professional opinion.


We are not held captive by any Insurance Company or Brokerage firm. We maintain close lasting relationships with our clients, and treat them like family.

Anton Hendler


Having known Anton Hendler personally for many years, I can say that he is one of the most humble, generous and honest men I have known. I feel very comfortable investing with him. Anton takes his time to answer every question concerning my investments. Anton makes you want to examine your life and make it better. I am blessed to know Anton Hendler.


- H. Gray

Laguna Niguel CA

Having a husband taking care of all our finances made me totally unprepared when I became a young widow. I turned to Anton as we had made a few investments with him over the years.

After asking me some pertinent questions and knowing what my needs would be, he helped me maintain the standard of living that I required.

That was over ten years ago and there has never been a time when, if I needed to speak with him, he did not call me back within an hour, no matter what the time. He never rushes to get off the phone and he makes sure I am comfortable with his answers. Anton always makes me feel

that I am a valuable client, no matter how many ridiculous questions I ask.


- N.E. NJ

On a personal recommendation I contacted Anton to help me build a financial plan for my family. In working with Anton it became quite apparent in short order that he not only knew his products but was able to present them in a way anyone could understand. I felt totally at ease when asking him to explain something that I didn’t understand and what’s more, he took the time to make sure all my questions were answered. My family and I look forward to many years of service with his firm.


- Thomas W.

Kailua-Kona HI

To describe Anton Hendler’s attributes in short is practically an injustice to this remarkable man. I have known him for many years not only through business transactions but also on a personal level. Throughout he has become a trusted, reliable friend. His business ethics are impeccable. Not only does he make sound, totally personalized, fruit baring financial decisions for his clients  but treats  every  individual with devoted caring for their specific needs.


He conducts himself with the utmost integrity and respects the confidentiality of every person who seeks his advice. Nobody else, in all my dealings over the years with financial advisers and institutions, has had so much patience, time and interest to explain intricate or simple investments to a layman, such as myself, in plain understandable English. He has educated and empowered me to make, with his guidance, secure investment decisions. I can’t praise Anton’s knowledge in financial matters and personalized people skills enough and would recommend him without hesitation to anybody who would like honest, sound and reliable financial advice.


- H. T.

Newport Beach California

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